Benefit Summary Letter

Don’t let your back office confuse your customers

So many councils we talk to have their hands tied behind their backs when it comes to effectively communicating Benefit Notifications. This is mostly due to the way the back office systems output the information. Gandlake’s Benefit Summary Letter takes complicated benefit information and displays it in an easy to understand format so your customers won’t feel they have to contact you for an explanation. We can even merge the summary letter with the Council Tax Bill so you slash your postage bill in half and further reduce your Contact Centre traffic.

Benefit Summary Letter customers include: Harrow, Bristol, Northampton, Dudley, Dacorum, Birmingham and Stoke.

This is exactly the sort of innovative thinking we look for from our IT suppliers.

Jeremy Marshall

Project Manager, Arvato Government Services(Sefton) Ltd


  • Significant, immediate and ongoing cost saving.
  • Reduce confusion created by difficult to understand benefit notifications.
  • Reduced face to face visits.
  • Better customer service.
  • Huge reduction in calls to your call centre.

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